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Mar 27, 2017
Riithink Chosen to Launch Mama Dip’s Website!

Mama Dip’s Kitchen, a monumental and traditional Southern Cuisine eatery, will launch its new and improved website this week, designed and developed by Riithink, a Chapel Hill-based digital marketing agency. Mama Dip’s is located on West Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill, and stands as a staple in the community. The savory aroma of crispy, seasoned chicken promptly alerts the area when it’s lunch or dinnertime, and the famous fixins’ have been enjoyed for decades. Last November marked Mama Dip’s 40th anniversary, celebrating forty successful years of watching her business’s legacy grow from humble beginnings. Starting with a modest $64 to […]

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better amazon strategy means more profits
Jul 28, 2016
Better Amazon Strategy Means More Profit

Are you selling on Amazon? If the answer is “no,” then you’re probably not a fan of revenue. If you’re selling on Amazon and not doing so with great success, then you’ve got room to improve. Amazon continues to grow, and more businesses are jumping in to sell on the largest eCommerce stage of them all. That’s because it’s a multi-billion-dollar platform with plenty of pie to go around. Before you start (or continue) selling, take a moment and consider your current Amazon/marketplace strategy. Do you have tactics and milestones set to achieve sales goals? Linking the Triangle has partnered […]

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Jan 05, 2016
What does your LinkedIn profile photo say about you?

Linking the Triangle is your local link to the next opportunity. Given that first impressions are important for working relationships (as are optimized profiles, but we’ll touch on that another time), it’s critical that your profile photo be an accurate, professional interpretation of you. So what does your LinkedIn headshot say about you? Are you youthful and full of energy? A seasoned professional? A friendly matchmaker? The fact is, having the right profile photo will make the difference between securing a new connection and losing out on potential opportunities. We’re not suggesting that you don a tuxedo and mix all […]

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